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The WELL TECH s.r.l has its registered office in the City of Trento- in  Via Dogana 1 and administrative headquarters in Agrigento industrial zone 120, Tax Code. and VAT 02293230229, e-mail info@welltechsrl.it.

 Integrated Engineering Services

The Welltech  Ltd. is a professional plurality complex designed to meet the most advanced needs, placed by the client more evolved and aware, both public and private.


It’s born as a continuity of the Studio Baldo, thereby acquiring all the specific skills that the latter has gained in the professional field.

WELL TECH has an office of 700 sqm and a force of figures highly experienced professional, with a presence in the national market, capable of supporting projects in the international arena.

The organization of WELL TECH is characterized by a division into areas corresponding to the areas of business.

Each division, whose head reports directly to the General Directorate is organized so as to best meet the criteria of efficiency and effectiveness to address the nature of the specific realization of the services sector.

For each contract is always associated with a contract managed by a project manager, who becomes the organizational and technical contact and interface to the customer, so as to create a well-defined connection to the satisfaction of his needs.

The professional experiences gained from the figures that refer to the organization of the engineering companies have been systematically Well Tech Ltd. jointly acquired by the current head of organization charts.


Technical Coordination directly done by the founding member and current Technical Director of the Company Arch. Calogero Baldo, professional structure is divided by specializations, however interacting in order to be able to give a defined  and edited service in its entirety, without the need of having to have recourse to experts and external sector specialists, as already present in Welltech.

Some excerpts from the Curriculum of  architect Baldo:



Degree in architecture at the faculty of architecture at the University of Palermo on 07.11.1978;

Professional qualification obtained in the first session in palermo 1979; enrollment with the architects of the province of Agrigento with no. 98 from 05.07.1979;

Certificate of attendance at the course of architectural conservation, organized AY 1978 -79 by the graduate school for the study and restoration of the monuments of UNESCO, at the University of Rome, ICCROM. directed by prof. Guglielmo De Angelis D’Ossat and prof. Bernard M. Feilden;

1980-1984 employees of the Archaeological Superintendence of Agrigento;

1988 to 1994 was President of the Architects of the province of Agrigento and member of the Regional Council of Architects;

1989-1995 component of C.R.U. Regional Planning Committee c / o Department of Land and Environment of the Sicilian Region, appointed by DA. of 23.02.1989, where he was supervisor of numerous urban plans, including the detailed plan of the historic center of Palermo, the plan of Messina, etc.;

1982-1991 he directed, organized and reported several conferences;

1995 entered in the list of the Ministry of the Interior with the code of individualization and personal ag098a013 authorized to issue the certificates referred to in Articles. 1 and 2 of D.M. 25/03/85-1997;

Enabled to coordinate security DL.vo 81/2008 and subsequent amendments.;

1999 participation in the national research project “tools and criteria for the analysis and improvement in margins degraded urban” national coordinator R. De Rupertis. Responsible local operating unit R. Master;

2001 Masters Degree in education where it plays a thesis on education and analysis on space as a key determinant of the perception of the pupil;

He has participated in numerous national and international architectural competitions.